Making A


Dan L & Dave W

You asked about how Dave W and I are doing with the "We Drive 65" program. At first we had some reservations, like a lot of us did. We thought about it and we both felt happy that we were all given the chance to be part of a change. Not being forced to make a change "or else". We decided to try it and see how it would be, driving 65 mph when the rest of the traffic clearly drives much faster. And even more, would it make a difference as far as miles per gallon. We were quickly surprised with the results we both saw in the first tank. I looked on the web sites that we were given at the foreman's meeting. I found some tips on high mileage driving. We decided to make a game of it and see how many miles we could stretch out of our tanks. When we both started, we were each getting about 14.5 mpg. Soon, I was at 19.6 mpg and Dave was at 19.2 mpg. He said he had some things he was going to try to get better. Yesterday I filled up and I was at 19.89 mpg. So now I am going for the goal of 20 mpg. We believe that driving more conservative really makes the difference. We are changing our driving habits with our personal vehicles also.

Scott H

When management at Sprig Electric first asked their employees to watch their driving habits, not to exceed 65 mph and that we were getting bumper stickers on our trucks I was a little apprehensive. I knew with the 'We Drive 65' we would be accountable to the new mandate. I admit I usually drove above 65 on the freeways. Since these trucks belong to Sprig and they pay for the fuel I wanted to do my part to help cut costs so we could keep this privilege. Since I started watching the way I accelerate and the speed I drive my gas mileage has improved on average 2 to 3 mpg. (from 17 to 19.5 mpg adding 75 miles to a 30 gallon tank.) Another benefit that has come from this is that I find I am more calm when I drive. Now I am not trying to keep up with the flow of traffic and I don't get tense when people cut in on me or pass me. I have come to expect it because most of the time I am in the slow lane driving below 65.

Tony S

By following the driving tips of We Drive 65, I have increased my range on a tank of gas from 400 miles to 600 miles, a whopping 50% increase. I would never have believed it if I hadn’t done it myself.