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The We Drive 65, Inc. Mission is vitally important and its success will not only benefit individuals, but companies, governments, nations and the environment as well.


Anyone can save 20% on their fueling bill by simply following the driving tips of WeDrive65. And what leader wouldn’t choose to influence how their fleet is operated and realize 20% more mpg?

So why wouldn’t this same leader also become a corporate sponsor or donor of WeDrive65?

Leaders would because they recognize that a stronger economy and a cleaner environment helps their businesses as well. Diverting 15-25% of $550 BILLION per year, to .

other goods and services in lieu of oil, can only occur in this nation’s economy if large numbers of vehicles use the “Switch” and adopt the driving tips of WeDrive65

This is the LEAP leaders must take for our Mission to succeed and for our Vision to be realized.

Once they recognize the benefit to their immediate area of influence, a LEAP to the bigger picture will dramatically impact the course of conservation, economic growth and environmental improvement.


But the message of WeDrive65 can only reach the greater population through intense advertising to draw significant numbers to this website.

Lacking awareness, the message of WeDrive65 could simply languish on the internet. So regardless of where the price of oil moves in our volatile world, (and the ultimate savings from WeDrive65), we believe donating a portion of that savings to WeDrive65 can create significant growth in the numbers of WeDrive65 followers. And, as more people adopt WeDrive65 the benefits to our nation and to the environment could grow exponentially.

Since We Drive 65, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit (IRS status pending), donations are tax deductible.

Contact We Drive 65, Inc. at for information on becoming a sponsor and for making donation.