Making A

Promoting WeDrive65


Key to the success of the initiative is getting individuals to drive in accordance with the WeDrive65 strategies.

However, the success of the campaign first depends on issues like awareness, understanding and self-restraint. WeDrive65 decals were introduced to help address these issues. We’ve seen that once individuals become aware and understand, they will exhibit restraint and change the way they drive.


Put a WeDrive65 decal on someone’s vehicle and they are likely to exert more restraint. They don’t want to be seen as a hypocrite or, if operating a company vehicle, be reported to their employer. Additionally, the decal spreads awareness. (Imagine millions of decals dotting the roadways.) Understanding comes from the opportunity to explain what WeDrive65 is about and how it can help.

The WeDrive65 decal is a bumper sticker. Companies who adopt WeDrive65 are allowed to display their logo on their decals along with the trademarked WeDrive65 logo. (Granted, asking company employees to adopt WeDrive65 while placing decals on their company owned vehicles, makes the campaign easier to implement.)


WeDrive65 is gaining awareness and partners. This WeDrive65 website and advertising will accelerate the campaign’s adoption. The sooner organizations and individuals adopt WeDrive65, the sooner we will enjoy the benefits.

WeDrive65 IS (NOT) EASY

Even though WeDrive65 is beneficial at so many levels, it only requires a minimal sacrifice (like 5 minutes added to a typical 30 mile commute). Yet WeDrive65 can be difficult for some to embrace. At times individuals get so frenzied and focused on reaching their destination that they drive inefficiently, even if the destination is just minutes away. Some times they just go with flow, never thinking about using the switch.

There are also individuals who embrace the strategies of WeDrive65 but still resist the stick-on decal. Some may not want to spoil the appearance of their vehicle, some think the decal will damage the vehicle’s finish (the decal is made of vinyl not paper so it can be peeled of without damaging the finish), some just don’t want to give up the opportunity to drive 75+ when they chose (the hypocrite thing?).

For those who are willing to display a decal but absolutely refuse the stick-on variety, magnetic backed decals are available. Decals bearing the WeDrive65 logo are sourced from a select supplier. Information on obtaining decals is outlined below.

Hopefully everyone will see how the benefits outweigh the objections and they will be compelled to modify their driving patterns and support the WeDrive65 campaign – with or without decals.


As of this writing, the price of oil continues to drop. The drop from $147 to $120 per barrel was attributed to a drop in demand. What kind of a demand drop? Reports indicate a 3% reduction in miles driven across America. (That’s right, just 3%!)

Simultaneously, as the price of oil falls, the stock market appears to follow Newton’s third law of nature, i.e., for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Oil down, stocks up. Oil up, stocks down.

Oil fell over $27 per barrel because of a 3% drop in miles driven, thus lowering demand. If only 20% of drivers adopted WeDrive65 and they realized an average 15% mpg improvement, demand would drop by another 3%.

Over two hundred million cars and light trucks are operated in this country. Imagine where the price of oil and the stock market could go if 50% of drivers adopted the driving tips of WeDrive65.


This campaign should not need legislative mandate to be adopted. What is necessary to make WeDrive65 a success can be answered by the immortal words beginning with “We the people…” and “Ask not…”. WeDrive65 is something one can do for themselves and for their country. Thank you for your interest and for supporting the WeDrive65 campaign.