Making A

Vision & Mission


We Drive 65, Inc. will raise awareness, educate and inspire people to change their driving patterns by engaging them in the energy state of affairs.

We Drive 65, Inc. is a campaign and an organization determined to reduce fuel consumption.

Americans can, independent of government mandate, make a difference and reduce our nations fuel consumption, perhaps by 10-20%, by merely changing their driving patterns. Realistically, such a substantial drop in demand could lead to a dramatic fall in the per barrel price of oil.

The combined impact of lower fuel demand and lower fuel prices will significantly improve individual’s finances as well as our nation's economy, national security and the environment.

The changes in driving patterns may also reduce accidents and stress.

(We Drive 65, Inc. and the website exist to educate and promote energy conservation, including fuel efficient driving and vehicle maintenance practices.)


We Drive 65, Inc. will:

  • Raise awareness that by changing driving patterns, mpg can be improved 10%-20% (or even more)
  • Encourage everyone from fleet owners to individual operators, to spread the word and reap the benefits of WeDrive65 by making slight changes and sacrifices in the way they drive
  • Provide operating tips for getting additional miles out of each tank of gas
  • Encourage sponsorship for the campaign by providing support resources and promotional materials
  • Continually post additional research information on fuel economy including testimonials
  • Add web links to related topics and information on fuel economy
  • Contribute to society by engaging the vast majority in an initiative to understand the energy situation and to dramatically reduce fuel consumption


WeDrive65 is only a partial solution to the energy challenges we face. Individuals can vote, but they cannot drill for oil, build nuclear plants or erect wind farms. Most can’t afford to install solar panels on their homes or buy a hybrid. But collectively we can play an important role by adopting the driving tips of WeDrive65.


  • WeDrive65 will draw awareness to the campaign by advertising and the display of WeDrive65 decals.
  • Interested parties will be directed to the website for detailed information.
  • WeDrive65 will initially target fleet operators. (companies and government entities)
  • By altering fleet operations, coupled with promoting WeDrive65 through fleet and media promotion, WeDrive65 will reach the greater population.