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The linked article was written by Edmunds, a widely known internet company. The article was published in 2005! Edmunds conducted actual test and realized some amazing results. Were you aware that these kinds of savings were possible?

Dubai, of the United Arab Emerits and many other Nations have used their resources well. America prospered for decades by effectively using of cost effective (cheap) energy. Dubai is not currently one of the top 15 countries from which the US imports crude oil. Yet the following video will put into perspective the magnitude of the world-wide wealth that is being exchanged for crude.

Watch this video listening carefully to the words. Then listen a second time and substitute your nation’s name every time Dubia is mentioned.

Have you ever thought about how much crude is consumed in the US? (Currently, about 20 million barrels per day, or 7.3 billion barrels per year.)

Have you ever wondered how much crude oil other countries use compared to the US? (Other countries use approximately 65 million barrels per day. The US uses approximately 25% of the world’s total.)

Do you know how much US crude comes from domestic sources? (It is about 5 million barrels per day.)

What countries import crude to the US?

We hear about emerging countries who compete for the same resources. How has the consumption of oil shifted?

Where does the planets crude come from? What countries currently produce the most barrels per day?

The supply of crude oil is endless, right!? Where are the “known” oil reserves? And how long will they last?

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