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Final Thoughts

WeDrive65 exists to create awareness and to motivate people to change the way they drive.

Vehicles are now available that use renewable energy sources and/or improve fuel economy with higher mpg. While the driving tips of WeDrive65 are primarily intended for conventional internal combustion engine powered vehicles, the objective of WeDrive65 will enhance whatever you drive and whatever enhancement products you choose to use.

WeDrive65 will add information to this website about alternative energy sources for vehicles along with driving tips specific to the energy source. The driving tips will vary according to the energy source.

Hybrids, fuel cell, hydrogen, and electric vehicles will all be discussed. For example, some hybrids create energy in city driving through a process of regenerative braking. Applying the brakes generates power that is stored in batteries and used for accelerating and at lower speeds. The driving tips for hybrids will differ. The hybrid uses an internal combustion engine for freeway cruising so the epa highway mpg value is similar to other combustion engines, but the hybrid epa city mpg is higher than the freeway. So choose wisely.

Regardless of the energy source, operating a vehicle efficiently is the objective.

That will almost always means that trips will take a little longer. Even in our hurry-up society, that is not a dramatic lifestyle change. Just ease up and cut back.

WeDrive65 needs sponsors and donors, especially corporate sponsors and donors who encourage their own employees to adopt the driving tips outlined in WeDrive65.

In the greater scheme of things, the direct benefits of WeDrive65 may be less important than the indirect benefits. Corporate sponsorship and donors are critically needed to help spread the message of WeDrive65 so both the direct and the indirect benefits can become a reality.

WeDrive65 Bumper Stickers/Decals

To increase awareness and understanding, WeDrive65 provides advertising templates that can be adopted and adapted anywhere. Many of the templates are provided at no cost. Hopefully they will be only be used in a sincere and supportive manner.

WeDrive65 and WD65 are trade/service marks of We Drive 65, Inc.

Each WeDrive65 decal contains its trademarked logo. The decal also provides space for the addition of the users own corporate logo.

Details on purchasing “logo” personalized and generic bumper stickers will be posted here. (LATER)

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