Making A



Did you know that significant miles per gallon (mpg) improvement is attainable by simply changing the way you drive?

Improving mpg and reducing oil consumption is vital at this time, especially since comprehensive energy solutions are still years from being achieved.

How much mpg improvement is huge?

By making a few simple changes, most drivers can get 15-25% more mpg. If you were getting 500 miles, imagine getting over 100 more miles from each tank of gas! A nationally recognized company has demonstrated how to achieve 37% more miles. (See the WeDrive65 related links.)

Practically speaking, most vehicles are not operated in the most efficient manner regardless of whether the driving involves the freeway, city or a combination. That reality speaks to one of the best parts of WeDrive65.

The improvements illustrated require no additives and no after market devices. (In fact, no purchases at all.)

Achieving improved mpg may only cost a few minutes each day. A small sacrifice with much to gain.

Whether the potential mileage improvement is as high as 37% (as likely as 15-25%) or just 10% most individuals are astonished to learn that these improvements can be achieved by changing driving patterns.

Besides getting more miles per tank, WeDrive65 offers other, perhaps even more compelling reasons for adoption.


Improving mpg can benefit almost anyone, anywhere. The following benefits of WeDrive65 are based on an American’s perspective; however, many of the benefits are universal:

  • Dramatic reduction of personal gasoline consumption and expenditures
  • Aid the environment by reducing emissions and slowing the depletion of finite oil reserves
  • Improve national security through less dependence on foreign and domestic oil
  • Positively affect the balance of trade
  • Further reduce oil demand. A 3% reduction in miles driven contributed to a price drop of $25 per barrel for oil and $0.50 per gallon for gas.
  • Expand the economy by diverting consumer dollars to other domestic uses (1)
  • Reduce driving stress
  • Improve highway safety through lower speeds and less aggressive driving

Whether the per barrel price of oil and the cost of gas soars or plunges, the benefits remain.


Clearly, WeDrive65 is only a partial solution to the energy challenges facing our nation. Individuals cannot drill for oil, build nuclear plants or erect wind farms. Most Americans cannot afford to install solar panels on their homes or buy a hybrid, but WeDrive65 is something we all can do starting today while longer term solutions are developed. WE CAN make a difference.

WeDrive65 believes that people cannot act without a greater awareness and understanding. Despite an abundance of information on improving fuel economy, traveling down the freeway makes it clear that most people aren’t seeing, hearing or acting on the information. WeDrive65 hopes to bridge the gap and to effectively convey the message of conservation.

WeDrive65 will succeed when broad awareness and action are accomplished.

(1) According to the Energy Information Association (, the US currently imports roughly 15 million barrels of crude oil per day. That equal $550 billion per year at $100.00/barrel. (At today’s price where could 15-25% for less crude be better spent?)